High Limit Slots

High limit slots could win you an absolute mint.

We’ve all seen those movies and TV shows, where players sit at the one arm bandit for hours at a time, with a cup full of quarters, just waiting for those coins to drop. We all want to be that person that Danny Ocean’s crew help to scoop a huge jackpot. We might not live in the movies, but huge payouts are not just in the land of fantasy. With high limit slots games, dreams can turn into reality.

Generally the high limit slots games attract the highest rollers, enticed by the extra risk on one hand and the opportunity to win a mint on the other. Massive jackpot prizes are not just unheard of, but positively expected by the high rollers who play these games. One might wager that they wouldn’t bother playing them, unless there was a shiny mound of cash to be won. Like so many other casino games, the highest rollers (casino whales) are treated like the VIPs that they are (at least to the casinos). With extra rewards, bonuses, competitions, promotions and access to an exclusive selection of high roller slots games, the casinos understand that they have to go all out to attract the cream of the gambling crop. Today’s slots games are not the simple fare of yore. With technological advances, slots players are now offered enormous variation on their game play, special features and payout combinations.

Traditional penny slots games are considered to have the worst payout rates, though this is necessarily not the case with high limit slots. With a payout that can be anywhere in the region of 65 – 80% at land-based casinos (and often nearer to the higher end), these games’ sole purpose is to attract the high rollers. Even though it has been acknowledged that the payout rates are higher with high limit slots games, the odds are still stacked in the casino’s favor. They will still win more than they lose and with thousands of dollars being bet at any one time, they stand to make a considerable amount of money – even if sometimes players win big. High limit slots are more cost efficient (for a casino) than their low limit alternatives. They can afford to pay back a greater percentage of the money that the high limit slots games take.

How players define a high limit slots game is entirely up to them. Some games can cost as much as $100 per spin, which clearly takes that game very firmly into the realm of high limit – that is understandable to most people. You will usually have the option to play for significantly less, but something that according to your bankroll is considered ‘high’ for you. Be aware that slots games are significantly more reliant on luck than skill. More often than not you won’t be hearing that sweet sound of pennies from heaven!

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