Low Limit Baccarat

Enjoy a high roller game at low limits.

Low limit baccarat might seem to be an oxymoron. Traditionally it is one of the casino games with the highest buy-ins and attracts the highest rollers. It is not unusual for gambling aficionados with deep pockets to bet tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars on one hand. However, times they-are-a-changing. Both traditional and online casinos are beginning to democratize and one way of doing this is introducing low limit baccarat.

In its own way, low limit baccarat is an extremely useful tool to allow a new gambler to experience the unique thrill of the game. All the traditional elements are present; banker bets, player bets and tie bets – and the rules are exactly the same, just the stakes are reduced. 

One of the main reasons that low limit baccarat games are more prevalent in online casinos than in their land-based competitors is that space is not a premium. They don’t have to make room for the more profitable (for the house at least) games, such as roulette tables, slots and craps tables. The online model allows them the flexibility to try out low limit games and enable players to have an experience they might not ordinarily get.

When playing low limit baccarat as opposed to high limit, players should be aware that the former offers much lower payout odds. This is entirely logical that the lower the risk, the lower the potential winnings. If you are just starting out however, it’s a great way to begin to understand and get a feel for the game. With continued success you might even graduate to high limit baccarat in the future.


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