Low Limit Blackjack

Typical low limit blackjack games start at $5 or less.

On the surface Blackjack is one of the simplest casino games out there. For those well-versed in its charms, it retains the mystique of a strategy-based card game. Blackjack also happens to be the game that provides the player with an only very slightly worse-than-even chance of beating the house. With a determined strategy and a willingness to learn, even new players can begin to take on the house.

One of the charms of low limit blackjack is that as the name suggests, the minimum required bets are significantly lower than other blackjack games. The definition of ‘low-limit’ is flexible and is determined by your own circumstances, but anything under about $10 is considered low limit. This obviously needs to be taken into account when you contemplate your potential winning. The risks are lower and so concomitantly, the amount of money you might win is also lower. This makes low limit blackjack a great place to start if you are just warming up your experience in casino gambling – either online, or land-based.

The goal of blackjack is very simple; the player must beat the dealer’s hand without exceeding 21. The ideal win is to achieve 21 in two cards, but you can achieve that number in as many cards as your nerves can handle. You have the opportunity to hit, double, stand, split and take insurance, which you can activate when the first card the dealer draws is an ace. It also pays at a rate of 2:1, so if you bet $5, you will receive $10 in return (if you win).

Generally low limit blackjack games are more prevalent in online casinos, where there is obviously not a premium of space. Every casino wants to maximize its revenue and a premium of space puts pressure on land-based casinos to house a greater number of high limit games. The casual player could use this to their advantage. Become familiar with low limit blackjack in an online casino and then transfer their skills and tactics to an actual high limit table.

Low limit blackjack is a good way to experiment with your strategy and at the same time not be hit too deeply in your pocket. There are games available for as little as $1 and if you would rather not lose even this amount, there are free versions of the game in many online casinos.

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