Low Limit Craps

Roll your way into ecstasy with low limit craps.

Low limit craps has gained a huge following in recent times. It’s too mainstream to call it a cult-following, but its proponents are passionate about the casino table game they love. Players are not required to place high minimum wagers, so it is a game that readily lends itself to lower limits. The game is easy to play and easy to learn with players simply placing bets on the outcome of the roll of the two dice. With typical betting minimums beginning from $3-$5 low limit craps is definitely here to stay.

Both online and regular casinos offer low limit craps games as they are the perfect inducement to get people playing casino table games and caught up in the emotion and energy. Craps encourages a social atmosphere with people being drawn in by the oomph factor that so often surrounds the tables. With the advent of low pay-ins, players who might not have previously approached the game whether at land-based or online casinos can now do so.

As with so many other casino games, craps in whatever form it takes is a game of luck, rather than outright skill. It certainly takes nerve to be successful at it, but it is considered one of those games where to use a gambling term, the deck is stacked in the house’s favor. This is where the beauty of low limit craps comes to the fore. With minimum bets being so modest, the potential for extensive losses is greatly reduced. It helps take the edge off the randomness of the game and is actually a good way for players to develop a greater appreciation for statistical analysis.

One of the key benefits to playing low limit craps is that even the unluckiest streak should not result in your bankroll taking too much of an unrecoverable hit. It also provides an opportunity to learn the jargon of the game in a low-pressure environment where ‘pass line bet’, ‘don’t pass bet’ and ‘come bet’ will begin to have meaning. Wherever you play, developing a clear strategy over time will allow you to enjoy the game and in time hopefully become successful at it too.

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