Low Limit Roulette

Low rolling doesn't mean low excitement.

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games out there. It low limit version is no different, whether played online or at a bricks and mortar joint. It is no longer the case that players require deep pockets and an enviable bankroll – rather that it has become accessible to the masses. There are innumerable permutations and possibilities in low limit roulette, which typically offers players relatively favorable odds, with even money bets and 35-to-1 payouts on single numbers.

Roulette is on one hand a simple game. Spin a wheel in one direction, spin a ball in the opposite direction, try to guess in which slot it will land and place your bet accordingly. On the other hand there are many ways of trying to protect your bet, limit your losses or go for broke. The theory might point one way, but the reality is different.

Casino software developers have understood that offering affordable low limit roulette is a great way to entice prospective players to get a feel for how the games work. With 50¢ or even $1.00 tables available, even a long losing streak should not break the bank. This is also the flip side of this equation. Low limit games neither allow for unsustainable losses, nor life-altering winnings. They do however allow a player time to get to know different systems, different betting patterns and ultimately what works best for them. Even the kind of roulette you play will affect your decisions. In French and European roulette for example, the house advantage is a manageable 2.70%, whereas in American roulette it is almost double.

The key difference between these two roulette games is the presence of an extra slot in the American version; the double zero (00). Statistically this explains why the house advantage (or the expected value) is higher, i.e. the amount a player loses on average, relative to any bets made.

 The actual game of roulette is one of chance and luck, not skill. That is not to say that strategy and at times quite complicated strategy is not employed. How to manage your bankroll, knowing how, when and how much to bet are indeed skills that can take time to master. Learning the jargon, figuring out the mathematical equations and putting them into practise is something that can be achieved by developing your skills with low limit roulette.

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