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We are happy to welcome you to OnlineCasinoReports Jamaica, the ultimate online casino and gambling site guide on the internet. Our mission is to bring expert and unbiased reviews, guides, and other informative punters to the modern gaming community. Join us on this journey and take your gaming to the next level.

Everything we do is tailored to you, our valued Jamaican player. The same goes for our website, which boasts the latest and greatest in iGaming news in the form of classic OCR reviews and game guides. Use this page to learn more about us and become familiar with who we are and what we do.

Our Objective

OnlineCasinoReports is dedicated to guiding you to the top online casinos and iGaming sites in Jamaica based on your needs and wants. We have been devoted to this informative crusade for over 20 years. These twenty years have been marked by intensive research, development, iteration, and pure passion for the online gambling industry, which has resulted in numerous localized sites that are jam-packed with expert reviews, industry insights, in-depth guides, and breaking news. Moreover, we host an active discussion forum where you can communicate with your peers and become a part of our global gaming community.

However, we did not stop there. We want you to find the best possible casino partner based on your needs and wants, which is why we have developed a fantastic toolset with which you can filter your options based on a myriad of nuances. This feature does wonders for distinguishing the best from the rest and instantly finding the perfect promotion based on your budget, convenience, gaming preferences, and more.

Our Guidelines

OnlineCasinoReports is the product of pure passion that we hold for the online gambling sphere. The latter has spurred on our desire to make your favorite hobby as safe and responsible as possible. Our odyssey would have been led astray over the past twenty years had we not adhered to these crucial guidelines:

  • Your feedback is vital to our work and is the baseline of everything that we do.
  • The content that you see is independently researched and written by in-house experts.
  • Our visitors will always have free access to our content.
  • OnlineCasinoReports is 100% independently owned and operated without any outside stake.
  • The iGaming sites that we recommend are third-party entities that we are entirely independent of.
  • We cooperate exclusively with independent authors and review boards.
  • The casino and game reviews that you encounter are objective and penned by experts.
  • Recommended iGaming sites have to be vetted in accordance with your 12-point process.

Our Guarantee

We are dedicated to helping you have the best gaming experience possible. You can rest assured that every aspect of our content is objective, fully transparent, and based on independent research. Moreover, we promise that our experts pen news articles, site reviews, game releases, and guides in-house on the basis of the latest data and the most reliable industry resources.

Our Team

We realized early on that our mission was feasible only if we bested our competition with industry knowledge. OnlineCasinoReports has, therefore, been focused on accumulating online gambling enthusiasts and experts that excelled in their fields from day one.

Our current review and content team is marked by over 20 years of experience and dedication to the iGaming industry. The reviews that you encounter on our site have been researched, written, and vetted by said team of gambling industry veterans.

However, there are emerging technologies and breaking news that we could not accurately cover without the assistance of special guest posters and various recognized experts. These assist us when we are covering topics such as cryptocurrencies and the world of online gambling regulation.

What We Do

e know that navigating the news-rich and face-paced world of online gambling is difficult, which is why we focus on providing a trustworthy single point of reference. The essence of this service is our in-depth rating program that focuses on iGaming sites. Said program has been improved and refined for the last 20 years, which has resulted in the best possible evaluation strategy for modern brands and their offerings. The system that we use contains 12 points, and it is a holistic approach that touches on a site's reputation, banking options, security, fair play reputation, strengths, and pitfalls.

News stories, the latest bonuses, superb game releases, brand merger updates, and legislation changes are discovered by our team of in-house online gambling experts, who scour the internet tirelessly. You can expect to find the fruits of their labor condensed in bite-size news pieces, lengthy guides, and other media snippets that keep you up to date with the latest and greatest developments and trends.

Another valuable resource at your disposal is a player-oriented forum with an enormous amount of community resources. Said forum is also ripe with camaraderie thanks to players sharing their experiences at different venues, discussing the latest news, and forwarding industry insights based on their personal observations and information.

Our two decades of successful operation show that our objective is not only being pursued successfully but that the independently checked data and user-oriented content is providing our online gaming community with the information that it needs and wants for future gambling decisions.

OCR’s Story

OnlineCasinoReports is a product of our love for what was once an emerging online gambling industry. Said love was focused on informing punters and keeping them updated on the latest and greatest market developments.

Our first foray into this sphere occurred in 1997. It was focused on keeping casino fans updated on the latest casino launches and leading promotions. By 2002 it had evolved into an opulent website with handy guides, objective brand reviews, and news on the latest industry developments.

When 2005 rolled around, we aspired to provide a fresh look and launched a refined and even richer version of OnlineCasinoReports. The latter was focused on easier accessibility of our online casino content and features that helped you make even more informed online gambling decisions.

UIGEA introduced various market changes in 2006, which expanded the focus of online gambling from the US to the rest of the world. OnlineCasinoReports, in turn, followed this shift and expanded to new markets.

Our expansion was propagated by a new site design in 2008, which enriched our site with comprehensive search tools and filters, a community forum, and localized content for various countries.

We at OCR are very proud that we were among the first websites to provide our visitors the ability to review an online casino by examining nuances such as available languages, casino bonus currencies, associated software providers, and similar details. Said details required regional information that drove our network expansion in 2014.

OnlineCasinoReports is among the top online gambling brands with 75 local gambling portals that boast market-specific information, the likes of promotions, banking methods, reviews, game releases, and industry-specific news.

Another milestone came in 2022 when we launched our latest variant of OnlineCasinoReports. This one saw the streamlining of our site with a focus on mobile platform usage and improved search and filter tools that allow the comparison of up to five casinos at once.

Additionally, we have enhanced our existing search infrastructure, which now includes brand names, game categories, progressive jackpots, casino guides, and available bonuses.

Local Sites

OnlineCasinoReports is accessible in multiple languages and localized site variants. Check out your local or regional OCR site that supports your preferred local language in the link below.

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