The Top Online Casino Progressive Jackpot Games of 2023

Have you been itching to play progressive jackpot games and compete for endless fortunes? Check out this handy guide and discover the latest and greatest Jamaican progressive jackpot games in slot, card, and table format. Use our jackpot tracker to keep tabs on jackpot values and bet on the biggest jackpots available in Jamaica. Have a gander at the jackpot game list and find the best Jamaican online casinos out there.


The oldest lottery ever is said to have taken place in Han-dynasty China. It was one of many financial endeavors that helped the Chinese finance the Great Wall of China. This lottery was referred to as Keno and it was the basis for an English lottery that Jan van Eyck, a Dutch painter, devised for Queen Elizabeth the first in the 16th century. Her lottery reached enormous proportions, both in terms of participants and reward. The latter amounted to £5000, which when adjusted for inflation, is equivalent to 204 million Jamaican dollars! This was not only a life-changing sum, but a sum that would keep a family wealthy for generations. Modern progressive jackpots blow even this opulence out of the water by offering enormous progressive jackpot prizes. The largest of these ever awarded was Mega Moolah’s prize of a whopping J$1,920 billion. Join us on our journey into the exciting world of online casino progressive jackpot games and see what it takes to compete for the biggest pots in the business.

What Is a Progressive Jackpot?

A progressive jackpot is a prize that dynamically increases as bets are placed, which is similar to most lotteries. The seed or base value differs from game to game. Mega Moolah mega jackpot, for example, starts with J$302,4 million, which is a nice chunk of change, but it gets better with every bet!

You will often find this inventive reward system integrated into slot and video poker machines. However, you might even encounter a fun game show that boasts it, so keep your eyes peeled. Remember that you can always have a gander at our site and find the biggest and best progressive jackpots around.

How Can I Partake?

A prerequisite is joining a trusted online casino and depositing some funds. You can only win progressive jackpots with real money bets. However, big wins call for big risks, which in this case take the form of maximum bets. These maximum bets open the door to jackpots, but they can also quickly drain your bankroll, so keep that in mind when budgeting. A jackpot can be won either by lining up the perfect combination or by using tickets to play special reels that pave the way to a jackpot. Some games, such as progressive blackjack, even allow you to win a progressive jackpot via side bets. Lastly, remember that there is also the possibility of snagging a progressive jackpot with a bonus, which we will talk about shortly.

The Best Progressive Jackpot Games and Their Online Casinos

The following is a quick rundown of the best progressive jackpot titles around. Remember that you can find all of these and more at our recommended online casinos, which not only provide the latest and greatest progressive games but also offer an unmatched gaming experience!

  • Mega Moolah - This five-reel, 25-payline gaming masterpiece holds the Guinness World Record for the largest gaming prize ever!
  • Mega Fortune - Experience a thrilling five-reel slot, whose extra spin reward ups the ante with an unpredictable multiplier.
  • Jackpot Giant - Make your next win gigantic with this five-reel and 50 payline slot that is taking the online gaming community by storm.
  • Age of the Gods - Get your fill of Greek mythology while challenging Lady Luck to a duel on Mount Olympus.

Maximize Your Progressive Gaming with Bonuses

Bonuses are a great choice whenever you are exploring an unfamiliar online casino game. However, few bonuses allow you to reach for the skies like progressive jackpot game bonuses. You can find these bonuses in various promotional offers and materials. Remember that each bonus has its associated terms and conditions, so read them carefully before claiming it. Check out our dedicated articles to learn more on the topic.

Jackpot Variants

Progressive jackpots are an umbrella term, which is something that most punters are quick to overlook. There are various forms of progressive jackpots, each with its pros, cons, and quirks. Check out the following breakdown to learn more about the four most common types of progressive jackpots:

Classic Progressive Jackpot

This is the classic progressive jackpot that you will run into in a traditional slot game such as Microgaming's Cash Splash. Each qualifying bet that loses contributes to the jackpot, while a lucky winner takes it all.

Random Progressive Jackpot

Those of you that are fed up with chasing a certain array of symbols will love the concept of random progressive jackpots. These are awarded entirely at random, regardless of if you are playing the base game or partaking in a bonus round. Just sit back, relax, and play your favorite random progressive slot and you might just be pleasantly surprised.

Linked Progressive Jackpot

Numerous online progressive jackpots fall into this category. Its main claim to fame is that it can be won by multiple progressive games. This flexibility in terms of game selection also transfers into larger jackpot values, which is sure to be appreciated by the lucky winner.

Fixed Slot Jackpot

While this jackpot does not grow, it does offer an enormous prize when compared to conventional slot payouts. You can win a whopping 100 to 500 times your wager! Moreover, the RTP of fixed jackpot slots is superior, which is something to consider if you are in a financial pinch.

Biggest Jackpots Wins

Without a doubt, the most famous name in online jackpot slots is the Mega Moolah progressive. Not only has it paid out many jackpots worth multiple millions it is also the highest paying online slot ever to be recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. We have dedicated this section of our progressive jackpot resource to listing and tracking the most prominent online casino progressive jackpot wins.

Progressive Jackpot Date Amount
Mega Moolah Absolootly Mad Mega Moolah Absolootly Mad 27.04.2021 $23.6M
Mega Moolah Mega Moolah 28.09.2018 $23.5M
Mega Fortune Mega Fortune 20.01.2013 $21M
Mega Moolah Mega Moolah 06.10.2015 $17.2M
Mega Moolah Mega Moolah 27.04.2021 $16.9M
Mega Moolah Mega Moolah 28.09.2018 $16.8M
Mega Moolah Mega Moolah 20.08.2020 $16.7M
Mega Fortune Mega Fortune 24.09.2011 $13M
Mega Moolah Mega Moolah 17.08.2020 $12.9M
Jackpot Giant Jackpot Giant 20.10.2018 $12.2M


Every casino game, even one with such life-changing potential as a progressive title, is based on luck. This luck might seem especially fickle, as these games have win rates that are beneath the average. The latter adjustment is intended to offset the potential massive rewards of progressive jackpots. Jamaican punters naturally want to minimize their losses and maximize their wins, which is where our handy tips come into play. Keep the following tips in mind and take your next progressive jackpot session to the next level!

Jackpot Statuses

Stay updated with the most popular progressive jackpot status. Use our free jackpot tickers tracker to learn about each jackpot's status and when it's best to play it.

Status Definition
The Jackpot amount is not available
The Jackpot amount is below average
Don't Play
The Jackpot amount is near average
Maybe Play
The Jackpot amount is above average
Play Now

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It is an enormous prize that you can win when playing specific games. Said prize increases with every bet, so your potential prize increases by the second!

There is a myriad of casino games that give you access to progressive jackpots. You will often find them in slot and video poker machines, but you can also find them in casino game shows.

You can expect the best online casinos in the business to host amazing progressive jackpot games. Check out our list of recommended online venues to play with the best today!

Yes, there are! You can find a plethora of amazing bonuses meant for progressive jackpot games. However, always make sure to read the associated terms and conditions before claiming them.

We think that you really cannot go wrong here. Those of you that are a bit more laid-back might prefer random progressive jackpots, while others tend to love the thrill of chasing a classic progressive jackpot.

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