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Visa is one of the world’s most respected payments processing methods. It features technology that facilitates global payments and transfers in a safe and secure fashion.

Visa hooks up individuals, firms, financial institutions and government entities in over 200 countries and territories throughout the world.

Visa owns Visa Europe – a Visa Inc. exclusive licensee.

Based in San Francisco, Visa has a strong global presence, employing over 10,000 people.

Visa – By Numbers

What does the Visa international presence mean in practice?  For a start, there are 2 million ATMs in the world and 2.2 billion Visa cards issued. 

Second, Visa has 14,600 financial institution customers and deals with over 47,000 transactions every second. 

All transactions are conducted in a reliable and safe manner.  

Visa Technology

Visa prides itself on the technology it uses to ensure fast, secure financial transactions at all times, throughout the world.  This enhances and facilitates the experience for both the merchant and the account holder. 

It is through the company’s established infrastructure and technology that this is made possible.

Each Visa Transaction has 4 Key Elements: 

  • The merchant (like a restaurant or store, etc.) accepting the payment
  • The acquirer (the body that enables the merchant to accept the payments and ensures transactions are paid for)
  • The issuer (financial body distributing the Visa cards) which lends the funds to the consumer so that the transaction can be completed
  • The account holder (the business using Visa to make purchases)

Visa Online Casinos

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