The Ultimate Guide to Gambling Regulators, Auditors, and Dispute Centers

The web is flooded by online casinos and gambling sites. However, not every online site in Jamaica is worth your time and effort. Picking a reliable, safe, and secure site is crucial for a fun gaming session. We want you to become familiar with safety and security by learning about the organizations that help keep you safe. Learn about gambling regulators, auditors, and dispute centers in this handy guide!

We cannot imagine the modern gaming space without the watchdogs that keep punters safe. These licensing and regulatory entities prevent rogue casinos and mischievous behavior from taking root. Their online regulation is in part with that of land-based casinos, as their goal is to forge a safe and secure gambling environment for all.

Licensing and Regulatory Bodies

The big wigs of online casino licensing and regulation have one thing in common; they want to keep you safe. They are authorities that have kept gaming culture fair for years by keeping an eye on online casinos and gambling sites. We present to you the three biggest names in iGaming regulation.

Malta Gambling Authority

This online and offline casino regulator offers amazing B2C and B2B services that encompass online gambling services, casinos, slots, betting offices, fantasy sports, lotteries, and other forms of digital amusement.

Curaçao eGaming

Meet a leading provider of gambling license packages for online gambling sites the world over. Note that they cater to operators of various sizes, ranging from startups to entrepreneurs and experienced professionals. Their sublicense is widely recognized as one of the most respectable online gambling licenses out there.

Isle of Man

The roots of this prized and respected regulatory entity go back to 1962 when the Gambling Supervision Commission was established. It does not only cover licensing and regulation but also online gambling activities of all sorts.

Auditors and Testing

Regulatory bodies, such as auditors and third-party testing agencies, have been very diligent in their struggle to keep online casinos safe and fair. They represent a cross-border effort to make the worldwide iGaming industry as safe as possible by testing casino games and their associated depositing, withdrawing, and sign-up protocols and processes. Remember that the best casinos in the business are proud of the audits and tests that they passed, which is why you will often find the associated auditing and testing companies listed in plain sight. We invite you to have a gander at a list of potential auditing and testing companies that you may find in your chosen online casino.


This is one of the largest and most respected testing agencies, whose roots go back to 2003. Its full name is eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance, but you will almost always find it listed as eCOGRA. They are well known for detailed reports that encompass every aspect of an online venue.


BMM’s purpose is to keep players and casinos safe. This two-way street is crucial for mutual respect, which is why BMM works tirelessly to maintain industry standards.

QA Labs

QA labs, or Quality Assurance Laboratories, cover all bases. They evaluate gambling operations, audit game mathematics for fairness, and even dive into payout calculations. This international organization does not limit itself just to online gambling operators but also audits land-based ones.

Quinell M Limited

This testing lab is international in its scope and physical presence. You will find its offices in Malta, Italy, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. They are often perceived as one of the most trustworthy entities in the business, with services such as online technical and land-based gambling machine testing.


Gaming Laboratories International is a testing agency's reach stretches from the mountainous peaks of Wales to the sunny shores of Australia. Their international services cater to both land-based and online casinos, with a focus on platforms, RNG, games, and security.

Eclipse Compliance Testing

This American game testing facility is based in North America. They are renowned for their objective testing, certificates, and consultations. You will find them both in online and land-based gambling institutions.

Trisigma B.V.

These testers put their expertise to the test by not only keeping gamblers safe but also by developing new casino games. You will find this certified and accredited testing lab cooperating with various operators the world over.

SQS Group Limited

This London-based testing company has been around since 1996. Their focus is the development and application of various handy tools which aid gambling operators. You will often find them hard at work at testing, processing, and quality assurance.


SIQ does things a bit differently by focusing on gaming devices. Their dedication to testing slot machines, table games, and lotteries has earned them a superb reputation and the respect of countless Jamaican punters.

iTech Labs

We cannot talk about testing labs without touching on iTech Labs. They are a superb testing agency that has verified countless gambling sites and online casinos. They are relatively young, being established in 2004, but their focus on quality gaming, accountability, and fairness has earned them a place among the best.

Gaming Associates

Gaming Associates are part of the old guard. They have been present since the 1990s, which makes them one of the oldest iGaming testing labs out there. Their dedication to ensuring quality online gambling sites, lotteries, and other iGaming audits has earned them a great deal of respect.

Reporting and Dispute Centers

Gambling regulators, auditors, and testers do their best to keep Jamaican casinos safe. However, things can always go awry due to misunderstandings, glitches, or human error. This is where dispute centers swoop in and save the day. They are guardians of Jamaican punters, who ensure that unfair or unsafe gambling practices and tackled in the punter's favor. The latter shady practices include a refusal to dish out payments and unwarranted account closures.

IBAS Dispute Site

The purpose of IBAS is to remain objective and to handle disputes with the utmost professionalism. They do not care if an online casino is among the largest in the business; they care only about fairness. This fairness is guaranteed by a panel of judges, who take every aspect of a dispute into account before making their final verdict.


While a license and several audits go a long way, we also have to consider the availability of security, safety, and licensing information. If a casino is being close-lipped regarding these aspects of its operation, it might be hidings something.

These are licenses that online casinos receive from regulators. They are granted only to qualifying businesses which meet government expectations. Remember that licenses are given only to audited casinos.

A Jamaican has to be at least 18 years old to partake in online gambling. Note that this age varies from country to country.

The auditors, testing labs, and regulators that we showcased in this guide are industry experts with decades of experience. It is in their best interest to keep the gaming industry safe, secure, and healthy, which is why they will never make subjective verdicts.

We urge you to stay away from casinos that do not care about licensing, audits, or regulations. These venues are rogue, and their purpose is to scam you. Check out our guide on blacklisted casinos and see what others warning signs you should be on the lookout for.

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