Visa Electron

Visa Electron is the most popular debit card in the CEMEA region!

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Visa Electron Services

The Visa Electron debit card provides instant access to one’s money anywhere in the world (provided the Visa logo is displayed). The Visa Electron debit card is not subject to any interest when the money is withdrawn from a user’s account. Visa Electron customers save time since it is much faster to withdraw money online than waiting in line at a bank or an ATM.

Visa Electron Records

Visa Electron customers will be able to access their Visa debit card spending records at all times. This facilitates money management and adds security in the case of card theft (or loss) as it can be stopped immediately. Given the security features the card offers, one is less likely to overspend. This renders it a popular choice for those trying to budget and control their spending.

Types of Visa Electron Cards

There are three types of Visa Electron cards: Classic, Gold and Platinum.

  • Visa Classic is good for those who use their cards for everyday spending.  It provides access to the most Visa outlets – through the phone, web and in the actual world. 
  • Visa Gold is like a debit card with extra rewards. It is great for those who are more likely to need a replacement card in an emergency.
  • Visa Platinum is usually issued to the big spenders.  It offers extra services for its clients too.

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