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MasterCard – The Vision

A leader in the industry of international payments, today MasterCard is proud to offer its services to companies, government entities and individuals seeking a safe way to transfer money.

One of the benefits of using MasterCard is that it has developed a reputation – over the 40 years since its inception – as being trustworthy and popular. 

In a nutshell, MasterCard is able to provide a simple way of moving money from one hand to another in a secure manner.

MasterCard – Past and Present

MasterCard was established by a group of bankers in 1966.  Within two years, it had gone global.

In the 1980s, MasterCard started operating via the web as well.  Working together with EuroPay International, Maestro® was created – the first online debit service that could be used internationally.   

Another first was when the People’s Republic of China used MasterCard as its payment card – this was an unprecedented move.

Once e-payments were being used more, MasterCard joined in, creating technologies to enhance the user experience.

Other developments over the years include:

  • MasterCard Advisors (consulting services)
  • A network upgrade
  • The development of a consolidated international corporate structure
  • MasterCard Labs (a place where new ideas are developed)
  • The development of Tap & Go™ PayPass technology
  • The acquisition of DataCash and Travelex (that was later renamed to Access Prepaid Worldwide).

MasterCard – the Future

MasterCard continues to set itself goals to enhance its current products and services.  Being a technology company means it always has to stay one step ahead of the game, something it seems to do with effortless ease and tremendous success.

MasterCard Online Casinos

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