5 Best Online Baccarat Strategy Tips

Admin. - July 1, 2013

Never enter a game blind - do your homework, figure out an intelligent strategy before entering the online gaming arena.

Online baccarat is increasing in popularity all the time. In online baccarat, as in almost all games of chance, the odds are in the favor of the House. The online baccarat rules are quite easy and simple to learn. The basic principle of the game is to achieve a hand as close as possible to 9, and though baccarat is a game of luck, mastering at least one online baccarat strategy can help you to improve your chances of winning.

If you are interested in playing the game, whether a newcomer or have been playing for a while, here are five strategies that you might want to employ in an effort to enhance your game.

1)  Research prior to play: The first and most obvious Baccarat tip is to decide which variation of the game you want to play.  With a wide array of choices, there comes at the very least subtle changes in the rules of play. There is the American, European, Chemin de Fer, Punto en Banco, mini Baccarat and more (you'll find even more choices on the Internet). There are subtle rule changes here that may affect the house edge and so too your strategy.

2)  Choose to play with the lowest possible amount of decks. There are online casinos that play with six decks, while some other plays with eight decks, and a few high stakes table will even offer just one deck games. The odds are slightly less toward the house when you play with fewer decks. The difference is small but you shouldn’t ignore it. So, be sure that you play with the lowest possible number of decks.

3)  As the odds are always in the favor of house, it makes sense to wager on the banker. This could be one useful baccarat online strategy you should follow.  Holding your bet in this position all the time may not be as exciting as the wheeler and dealer's strategy next to you, in fact it might be a bit boring - but slow and steady oftentimes wins the race.

4)  Start with a sizeable bankroll and never ever lose track of its status - that is, at all times know how much money you have left. Perhaps employ a scorecard. This is an important online baccarat strategy to follow when sitting alone in the comfort of your own home while playing the game online. You should never chase your losses and make sure you appreciate your winnings. Always keep in mind the commissions of the house when you keep track of your finances. 

5)  One absolute online baccarat strategy is to enjoy the game and observe Responsible Gaming etiquette. Don't be frightened by the high stakes.

Follow the above strategies for online baccarat and have fun playing the game. And the one great advantage to online gaming - you can test these baccarat strategies out absolutely free in an online casino (with a virtual money balance) and have a chance to see how effective - and profitable - they might be.



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